Verbatim Theatre Project, Alrowwad Centre, Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, 9 July 2017.

by ray goodlass

A productive day, as my student actors are beginning to bring me stories about their families’ memories of the 1948 Nakba, and are also becoming more adept at the warm up games, group cohesion exercises – and acting exercises too.

I’ve now got the format of the play within the film sorted. It will be a TV interview doco similar to SBS’s Insight, in which the hosts (I’m having two, a male and a female) will interview the studio guests, who will ber the rest of the cast. That way we can accommodate short and long stories, and even one word answers, for those students who can’t come up with a story.

There were a couple today with real potential. They’ll need work, but it is a very promising start.

My student actors are also learning the rules of the game. They now automatically take their shoes off when they enter (its a carpeted room and some of the games/exercises are very physical, so that’s a safety issue), and also leave their mobile phones on a side table, instead of taking them onto the floor with them, which they used to do when we began this project. Progress!