Verbatim Theatre Project, Alrowwad Centre, Aida Refugee Camp, Palestine, 16 July 2017

by ray goodlass

Very impressed by several aspects of today’s rehearsal. We now have all the (verbatim)stories written, all but one of them typed up in Arabic (by the students!), and all are now being translated into English. That’s largely for my day to day working benefit, and a script and even a booklet I have in mind, but also I’m conscious that this theatre piece is the start of an interactive project between the young people in the Camp and Australian young people, through the Friends of Alrowwad Australia.

Today’s session also got me excited because of the improvement in the way the stories were presented. The students really are good at taking direction and I felt quite proud of (some of) them today.

Tomorrow class is cancelled because there’s a major Alrowwad Summer Camp excursion happening and my students have been roped in to help – minding the littlies, I suspect. I fully understand and of course I too took a day off last Friday to go off with Lee around central and southern Palestine meeting the locals.

I’m probably feeling sanguine about the students needing to take a day off because I’m feeling almost ready to put it all together. I’ll need to do more work on individual stories on Tuesday, and Wednesday is Alrowwad’s weekly closed day, but by Thursday I’ll try putting it all together. I’ll be rough, and nowhere near complete enough to call it a ‘run’, but nonthless it is progress.