Verbatim Theatre Project, Alrowwad Centre, Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine, 24 July 2017

by ray goodlass

A good solid rehearsal today, with no backsliding and some solid improvements. Momen (The Israeli Rubber Bullet in the Head Story) was really firing today. That’s very encouraging because though keen he was very shy and hesitant to begin with.

I’m slowly teaching my students/actors that we rehearse aspects such as entrances and exits, blocking and so forth now exactly as they will be on performance night, and we keep rehearsing them until we know them inside out and backwards, rather than ‘wing it ‘on the night. It’s an unusual concept to some, though thankfully not to all.

I also added an encore today – a second Dabka dance. There was discussion about which one of several dances to choose, which I narrowed down to two, and then solved the problem of which one by adding one of them as an encore. The second one really ends on an amazing high, so it will be a great ending.

Now all I need is for all the cast all to turn up on the same day. When it happens it will be a luxury – as well as being very unusual.