Progress on ‘As it happened’ as Israel continues to use a sledgehammer to crack the walnut of Hamas in Gaza

by ray goodlass

A good start on the last play for ‘As it happened’, Shaima;s story about the 1948 Nakba and the contemporary story of her brother’s arrest.

It’s a complicated piece given its two time frames. I divided it into as Prologue (i.e. 1948), two contemporary scenes, and an epilogue. Today we worked on the Prologue, nad I was heartened to see them instantly begin to work when I asked them to improvise the family’s idyllic life in 1948. They couldn’t have done that a couple of weeks ago.

Alrowwad also did a big clean up of our rehearsal room today, which is basically the Women’s Room, where sewing is taught. My students pitched in and did a great job

Also a last minute change to one of my ‘Day Jobs’ when I’m not in Palestine,  my DA Op Ed column for next Tuesday. A few hours ago  as I receive ‘Breaking News’ that  Daryl Maguire had bowed to pressure and resigned, meaning a quick write before I submit it to the DA.

At the time of writing this blog post the latest fragile truce with Israel is holding in Gaza, but I so wish Israel could extradite itself from using a sledgehammer to crack the walnut of Hamas. The IDF and the Israeli government seem locked into a full blown war mentality as being the appropriate response to regular protest demonstrations and a few incendiary kites, which are only a minor nuisance, let’s face it.