Rehearsals for ‘As it happened …’

by ray goodlass

The students appreciated my announcement that I would dedicate ‘As it happened’ to the memory of the boy shot dead by Israeli troops yesterday – a round of applause even!

The down to work. There was one difficult scene facing us today. It last year’s story it was a long descriptive passage about the difficulties of life in the camp today, which would be difficult to turn into an action story. I had the idea of structuring it as frozen ‘snapshots’, which I anticipated being difficult for the students to do. How wrong I was – they instantly took to it and it worked very well.

Perhaps because it worked so well the following action scene was a mess. It involved Israeli troops entering a sleeping household and capturing as young man, but it turned into a free for all. We’ll come back to it at the next rehearsal and I have no doubt that it will ultimately work.