‘As it happened’ work today

by ray goodlass

We are approaching the pointy-end of the ‘As it happened …’ verbatim theatre project, given that the live performance is exactly in two weeks time and we film it one week and five days hence.

So it was time to apply some pressure – which worked, for we finished Shayma’s play and the students had a much more ‘professional’ approach to their work. Good stuff.

I used some stylised theatrical moments to handle some action that would otherwise have involved tedious activity that would have been repetitive of business in some of the other plays. For the scene where Shayma’s brother Mohammed is captured and imprisoned by the IDF, instead of staging (yet another) realistic home invasion I had an actor playing an IDF soldier simply pluck the boy out of the ‘Frozen Moments’ previous scene. The students seemed to really appreciate its economy and power, which I put down to their strong dance background.