Much better day on ‘As it happened’

by ray goodlass

A much better day on ‘As it happened’. We had more students, and so I was able to rehearse both Momen and Shayma’s plays.

Mohamed had gone to Jordan, which left a hole in a couple of the plays, but I’ve adopted a policy of substituting another actor for the lead – which works if the are enough spares around, and it today there were. So I was able to substitute Omar for Mohamed in Shayma’s play, and Qusai for Mohamed in Momen’s play.

Today we also did good very work on the prison dialogue in Shayma’s play. It’s really the only scene with intensive dialogue in any of the plays, and as it comprise the family’s visit to their son in an Israeli prison it is very intensive. I scripted it as few days ago, and Ahmed translated it into Arabic, but today was really the first time we had a chance to work on it.  It was very good work all round.